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Transporting a Car to or From Los Angeles

Transporting an automobile from California is often a necessity in various circumstances. The state of California has a large network of freeways. Many of the roads pass right through the state or border some of the major cities. The major highways stay busy almost daily, especially during rush hour. Here are some examples of shipping distances and length of travel time from LA to other cities and states.

LA to Houston Texas is approximately 1548 miles and will take about 24 hours to travel. Much of this trip will be traveled via I-10E. The route will cross through Arizona, New Mexico and into Texas where there is a receiving and loading warehouse terminal for Nationwide Transport Service car transportation.

Hiring professional California car transportation from LA to NYC will entail a drive of approximately 2794 miles. The trip takes about 44 hours. The route include major interstates such as I-10E and I-15 North. States passed through are Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey and finally to New York.

Traveling LA to Orlando is also a lengthy trip. It is about 2512 miles. The drive will take about 38 hours. I-10E is the major interstate that will be traveled for a large portion of the trip. The route passes through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and leads into Florida.

Distance for car transportation from LA to Chicago is 2019 miles consuming approximately 32 hours. I-10E, I-15N, I-70E, I-76E and I-80E are the major interstates traveled. States traveled through include Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and into Chicago, Illinois.

Transporting an auto from LA to Pittsburgh, PA will mean traveling approximately 2436 miles and almost 38 hours of time. I-10E, I-44E, I-70E and I-40E are the major interstates traveled. This route will go through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia and into Pennsylvania.

LA to Akron is a trip consisting of 2370 miles and 37 hours of time. I-70E, I-15N, I-76E, I-80E and I-280E will be traveled. States passed through include Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois, and into Akron, Ohio.

The services provided by Nationwide Transport Service will vary in cost. The final cost will depend upon the length of the trip and time involved. Rest assured, your vehicle will be safe and secure while being transported. The safety of your vehicle is their top priority!

If you need auto transport from Los Angeles to New York City, auto transport from Los Angeles to Atlanta or any other route, our California Car transportation service can deliver a car from L.A. to one of these locations within two weeks.

Additional mileage figures from Los Angeles to other major cities:

  • Los Angeles to Atlanta: 2,175 mi
  • Los Angeles to Detroit: 2,281.4 mi
  • Los Angeles to Norfolk: 2,702 mi
  • Los Angeles to Newark: 2,781 mi
  • Los Angeles to Seattle: 1,136 mi
  • Los Angeles to Phoenix: 372.1 mi
  • Los Angeles to Charlotte: 2,412 mi
  • Boston to Los Angeles: 2,990 mi
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