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Every day, people stream into and out of Florida, arriving and leaving eager for a fresh start, a business opportunity or a long-awaited retirement/vacation. They trudge with other weary travelers through the packed airports. Some choose to travel on Amtrak, but the highways carry millions every year. Freight comes in and out of the state via rail, air and trucks, a never-ending flow on the highways, much of it passing through Jacksonville.

Florida's interstate highway system is simple: two interstates go north and south and two interstates go east and west. The north-south interstates are I-95 on the east coast and I-75/275 on the west coast. To go east-west, 1-10 in northern Florida runs from Jacksonville to Pensacola and points west. I-4 crosses the middle of the state, from I-95 on the east coast, passing through Orlando and ending in Tampa on the west coast.

Florida Car transportation is an integral part of the commercial traffic on the interstates. Every day, people search for a carrier to safely carry their car out of Florida. Someone might be moving to Houston and doesn't want to drive to their new home (870 miles from Jacksonville); another may own a classic car and wants to send it north to a car show in Chicago (1,062 miles from Jacksonville). A car dealer might need car transportation to have a car delivered to an out-of-state buyer in Philadelphia (846 miles from Jacksonville).

There are two primary means of car transport: open and enclosed. Open transport is the most economical, but the car is exposed to the weather, rocks, sand etc. Enclosed transport is the safest way to transport expensive or classic cars. Car owners are also given the option of choosing to pick up their car at a terminal or to have the car delivered to their door. Terminal pickup gives the owner more flexibility as to the pickup time. Delivery to the owner's door is convenient, but the owner must be available to receive the vehicle at the scheduled time.

If you need auto transport from Jacksonville to Atlanta, auto transport from Jacksonville to Newark or any other route, our company will take care of the move for you. First time car shippers will undoubtedly have many questions about the process. The experienced and professional staff at Nationwide Transport Service are always available to assist with transport within or between the US and Canada. We can reliably transfer most vehicles, including autos, RVs, motorcycles and boats. Learn more about hassle-free auto transport at

Additional mileage figures from Jacksonville to other major cities:

  • Jacksonville to NYC: 938 mi
  • Jacksonville to Columbus: 808 mi
  • Jacksonville to Atlanta: 345.8 mi
  • Jacksonville to Detroit: 1,010.5 mi
  • Jacksonville to Norfolk: 613 mi
  • Jacksonville to Newark: 931 mi
  • Jacksonville to Seattle: 2,989 mi
  • Jacksonville to Charlotte: 383.8 mi
  • Jacksonville to LA: 2,417 mi
  • Jacksonville to Boston: 1,149.4 mi
  • Jacksonville to Phoenix: 2,049 mi
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