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When you're moving to or from Georgia, you're going to need to know your way around and you're going to need to have a way to transport your vehicle so you don't have to make the long drive on your own. The best way to learn your way around a place like Atlanta, Georgia would be to either drive around a bit or to enjoy public transportation before you know how to get where you need to go. Public transportation is also a great way to get around while you wait for your car to arrive.

In Georgia, the main way to get around the state is the highways. The main ones you'll need to be aware of are I-16, I-20, I-75, I-85 and I-95. You're also going to want to be aware of I-285, as it's the highway that goes around Atlanta. These highways can get you anywhere you need to go in the state or take you through surrounding states. For example, if you're coming from Florida, you're likely going to be entering the state via I-75. If you're not ready to travel the highways yet, Georgia has a rail and bus transit system that can quickly take you where you need to go.

If you're moving to another city, you may want to consider having an Atlanta Car transportation company like Nationwide Transport Service to deliver your car for you. They can take your vehicle to any of the major cities easily and quickly. Using a car transportation company is going to save you time and money, as you won't have to spend hours driving your vehicle and adding on thousands of miles to it. Some of the distances to major cities from Atlanta include:

Atlanta to Detroit auto transport - 722 miles

Atlanta to Charlotte auto transport - 245 miles

Atlanta to Newark auto transport - 874 miles

Atlanta to Norfolk auto transport - 565 miles

Atlanta to Seattle auto transport - 2,673 miles

Atlanta to Boston auto transport - 1,099 miles

Atlanta to Phoenix auto transport - 1,806 miles

Detroit to Los Angeles auto transport Whether you're moving to or from Atlanta, a company like Nationwide Transport Service can help you transport your car quickly and easily. Take the time to learn about other methods of transportation in Georgia before you arrive, such as the public transit system and the major highways, and you'll be ready to drive anywhere once your car has arrived. Contact a Georgia Car Transportation company today for a free quote or to learn more about the services they offer.

Additional mileage figures from Atlanta to other major cities:

  • Atlanta to Dallas: 781.4 mi
  • Atlanta to NYC: 888 mi
  • Atlanta to Jacksonville: 345.6 mi
  • Atlanta to Chicago: 717.0 mi
  • Atlanta to Philadelphia: 779.0 mi
  • Atlanta to Columbus: 567.0 mi
  • Atlanta to LA: 2,175 mi
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