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Transporting a Car to or From Chicago

If you need to ship your car to a new location, you may not know what to do. Some people will drive cars to their new homes, but this can be time-consuming and expensive. Gas expenses must be considered, time away from work can cost people money, and long trips may require hotels or other accommodations for the driver. Most people find that it is a better idea to hire a car transportation service to take cars to wherever they need to be.

Shipping a car from Chicago to other places in the country is made easier by the abundance of highways and interstates that are convenient to the city. Illinois is located in the central portion of the United States and has a large number of interstates and highways. In fact, Illinois and Pennsylvania tie for the lead in being the states that have the largest number of primary interstates that run through them. There are several major airports and railways in Illinois, as well. This makes Illinois Car Transportation much easier than in other places.

If you choose to have your car transported out of Chicago, you will need to consider what type of container you want your car to be moved in. An open container is the most popular choice for Chicago Car Transportation, but it can leave your car open to damage from the environment. A closed truck or container can better protect cars, but it is a more expensive option. Typically, very expensive or vintage cars are moved in closed containers to preserve their beauty. Moving cars from Chicago to other major cities can be simple, as Chicago is centrally located. With only 283 miles to Detroit and 359 to Columbus, Nationwide can move the car within a day or two. Longer trips like the 759 miles to Philadelphia or the 719 to Atlanta could take between five and eight days.

If you need to move your car to a different city from Chicago, consider using an auto transport service like Nationwide Transport Service. Illinois has an abundance of roadways and interstates, which makes it easier and faster to move things via trucks. Many major cities are within several hundred miles of Chicago, making it simple to accommodate moving any car.

If you need auto transport from Chicago to New York City, auto transport from Chicago to Philadelphia or any other route, our Illinois Car transportation service can deliver a car from Chicago to one of these locations within two weeks.

Additional mileage figures from Chicago to other major cities:

  • Chicago to Dallas: 924.8 mi
  • Chicago to NYC: 790.0 mi
  • Chicago to Jacksonville: 1,062 mi
  • Chicago to Norfolk: 871.5 mi
  • Chicago to Newark: 780.3 mi
  • Chicago to Seattle: 2,063.6 mi
  • Chicago to Phoenix: 2293.45 mi
  • Chicago to Charlotte: 756.0 mi
  • Chicago to LA: 2,015 mi
  • Chicago to Boston: 982.1 mi
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