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Unlike other states in the country, it would take one a great deal of time to understand the streets of Boston because the roads were initially not well planned. It is said that the initial poor planning of these roads was due to the fact that they were built from ancient cow paths. Some roads are still one-way and the names of the streets keep changing while others share names. If you are new and want to get to a certain street in this state, it's advisable that you use a GPS or plan your route out beforehand.

This problem was alleviated through the construction of the Big Digs Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge. It is considered to be the most expensive road project ever because it cost approximately $14 billion. Its construction, which took place between the 90s and early 00s, brought a lot of inconveniences while driving through Boston. However, its completion made a big difference by solving a myriad of traffic problems in Boston. Nationwide Transport Service is among the many beneficiaries of improved road network in Boston. Our Boston car transportation service is available for anyone seeking to transport their vehicle within or outside the borders of Boston. Below are a few facts that will help you understand more about Nationwide Auto Transport. Whether you need auto transport from Boston to Chicago, auto transport from Phoenix to Boston, or any other route, we have you covered.

We require that the owner of the car to be present during the pickup. This is specially to sign the bill of landing and to confirm whether the vehicle is in good condition. You can also tell us whether or not you want us to deliver your car at or near your home. Some states do not allow big vehicles in residential areas and so you might have to choose a different destination to avoid any conflicts with the law.

Most people go for open auto transport options but the experts recommend that people should also consider the enclosed ones. This service is available for all individuals who want their cars to be transported. It does not matter whether it is big or small, personal or commercial, new or old. However, with some vehicles, owners are urged to use enclosed system.

Mileage from Boston to other major cities:

  • Boston to Dallas: 1,766.7 mi
  • Boston to NYC: 214.8 mi
  • Boston to Jacksonville: 1,149.4 mi
  • Boston to Chicago: 982.1 mi
  • Boston to Philadelphia: 306.6 mi
  • Boston to Columbus: 774.3 mi
  • Boston to Atlanta: 1,099.9 mi
  • Boston to Detroit: 705.4 mi
  • Boston to Norfolk: 705.4 mi
  • Boston to Newark: 223.4 mi
  • Boston to Seattle: 2496 mi.
  • Boston to Phoenix: 2293.45 mi.
  • Boston to Charlotte: 863.4 mi
  • Boston to LA: 2,990 miles
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