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Moving or transporting vehicles from Detroit, Michigan to other parts of the country, such as Detroit to Seattle auto transport, can be expensive, time consuming and can add tons of miles to your vehicle. For instance, the distance from Detroit, Michigan to Seattle, Washington is over 2,400 miles and could take 38 hours of driving, without stopping for food or sleep. Not to mention the cost of fuel, food and overnight lodging. The logistics of getting your car from Point A to Point B can be stress inducing. If you are moving because of a job transfer, or simply want to relocate across the company, take car transportation out of the equation and hire a Detroit Car transportation company like Nationwide Transport Service to take care of it for you.

You begin the process by filling out the quote form with your personal information, details about the car and the starting and end destinations. If you have an antique or classic car and require covered transportation, or the vehicle does not run or you have a boat, it may be easier to use our toll free number to speak with a representative. Armed with the details, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate. Once you receive and accept a quote, and schedule the move, call your car insurance company to make sure your current policy will cover the vehicle while in transit.

It is important to clean the interior and exterior of your automobile before we come to pick it up. They will inspect the car or truck inside and out, making notes of any damage or marks on the car. A second inspection will happen at the final destination. These inspections are for your protection and that of the transport company. Most companies will allow you up to 100 lbs of personal belongings to be shipped with the car, but no more. If you are moving, you cannot fill the car with household items you need relocated.

The distances may be great, but Detroit to Los Angeles auto transport is a simple process when you contact for a quote. With years of experience, and an excellent customer satisfaction record, you and your car will be reunited at the other end of the trip. Same car, same driver, different location without the fuss.

Additional mileage figures from Detroit to other major cities:

  • Detroit to Dallas: 1,194 mi
  • Detroit to NYC: 614.3 mi
  • Detroit to Jacksonville: 1,011 mi
  • Detroit to Chicago: 282.8 mi
  • Detroit to Philadelphia: 583.7 mi
  • Detroit to Columbus: 202.7 mi
  • Detroit to Atlanta: 722.8 mi
  • Detroit to Norfolk: 603.8 mi
  • Detroit to Newark: 604.7 mi
  • Detroit to Charlotte: 626.9 mi
  • Detroit to LA: 2,281.4 mi
  • Detroit to Boston: 705.4 mi
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