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Transporting a Car to or From New York City

If you're moving to New York, you already have a lot going on with the move. One thing you shouldn't have to worry about is how you're going to move your car. Instead of wasting your time and money driving the car on your own, you may want to look into hiring Nationwide Transport Service to help with your move. We can move your car from a wide variety of major cities across the United States so that you don't have to worry about making the drive.

In some cases, you may arrive in New York before your car does. In those cases, you can take advantage of the public transit options that are widely available. The subway can take you nearly anywhere, or you can easily grab a taxi to get to your destination. Once your car does arrive, you're going to need to know the major roads you can use to get around. The major interstates in New York include I-81, I-87, I-95, I-78, I-84, I-86, I-88 and I-90. These interstates will take you nearly anywhere you need to go within New York state.

To get your car to New York, the transport service will bring it to you from a number of locations. This allows you to save your time and money on driving the car, but it also allows you to save the mileage on your car. Some of the most common places people come from and their mileage to New York include:

NYC to Jacksonville - 935 miles

NYC to Chicago - 790 miles

NYC to Philadelphia - 97 miles

NYC to Columbus - 560 miles

As you can see, it can save you many hours of driving and quite a bit in gas money to have your car transported to or from these cities instead of driving on your own. By using a company like this, you can easily fly to New York city and prepare to move into your new home while someone else worries about how to get your car to you.

If you're moving to or from New York City, contact Nationwide Transport Service to find out how easy it can be to have your car transported for you. We can help you with a free quote and even help you schedule your move.

If you need auto transport from New York City to Detroit, auto transport from New York City to Phoenix or any other route, our New York Car transportation service can deliver a car from NYC to one of these locations within two weeks.

Additional mileage figures from NYC to other major cities:

  • New York City to Dallas: 1,547 mi
  • New York City to Atlanta: 888 mi
  • New York City to Detroit: 614.6 mi
  • New York City to Norfolk: 132.6 mi
  • New York City to Newark: 10.3 mi
  • New York City to Seattle: 2,852.0 mi
  • New York City to Phoenix: 2,406.6 mi
  • New York City to Charlotte: 629.7 mi
  • New York City to LA: 2,781 mi
  • New York City To Boston: 214.8 mi
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