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There is approximately 122,000 miles of roadway that goes through the State of Pennsylvania. The Department of Transportation owns about 39,800 miles of those roads. The highway system in this state is the fifth largest in the United States. Here is some basic information and mileage and distance when transporting a car to other states.

Transporting to California means covering about 2,808 miles and 45 1/2 hours of drive time. Major highways traveled will include I-76, US-30W, US-322W and I-80. This route goes through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Nevada and over into California.

Pennsylvania car transportation from Philadelphia to Texas is right at 1,675 miles which takes about 26 hours to drive. The highways traveled are I-76, I-94S, I-70W, I-81S, I-40W and I-30W. The states passed through include Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and then to Texas.

A trip to New York is short in comparison to some others. It is only about 96 miles which takes approximately one and one-half hours. The New Jersey Turnpike is traveled for miles. This route crosses over into New Jersey and then to New York.

Traveling to Florida is about 1,033 miles. The drive time is 16 hours. Roads traveled will include I-95S, I-495W, I-395S, US-301 and I-75S. The route goes through the states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia then on to Florida.

When traveling from Philadelphia to Ohio it will span a distance of about 510 miles. Drive time is a little over eight hours. Major highways include I-476N, I-80W, and I-71S. Philadelphia Car Transportation will travel through several cities in Pennsylvania and over into Ohio.

A transport from Philadelphia over to Georgia will be a little shorter drive than it is to Florida. Drive time is approximately 13 hours and 861 miles. The route is about the same as traveling to Florida but arrival in Georgia will be right after crossing through South Carolina.

Traveling from Philadelphia to Michigan is about 840 miles and approximately 13 hours drive time. Major highways include I-76W, Ohio Turnpike, and US-23N. I-76W crosses over into the state of Ohio and US-23N into Michigan.

We run Philadelphia to Chicago auto transport, Philadelphia to Phoenix auto transport and all other nationwide routes. Car transportation through Nationwide Transport Service will vary in price depending upon the distance traveled and time taken to get to the intended destination. There are some routes taken that could vary from those given. More information about transporting automobiles can be found here(

Additional mileage figures from Philadelphia to other major cities:

  • Philadelphia to Jacksonville: 848 mi
  • Philadelphia to Chicago: 759.45 mi
  • Philadelphia to Norfolk: 275.20 mi
  • Philadelphia to Newark: 85.91 mi
  • Philadelphia to Seattle: 2,825 mi
  • Philadelphia to Phoenix: 2,342.05 mi
  • Philadelphia to Charlotte: 541.8 mi
  • Philadelphia to Boston: 306.6 mi
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